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Literature Review Services

Objective, comprehensive literature reviews to support more informed decisions, including detailed recaps of previous research, current knowledge and industry experts, as well as common threads and points of controversy.

Hanover provides its clients with access to well-documented, objective and comprehensive literature review services with near limitless topical breadth. With detailed overviews of previous research results, current knowledge, and industry expert analysis, these reviews lay the groundwork for informed and evidence-based decisions. Our analysts work to identify common threads and points of controversy in the available literature, as well as to formulate recommendations for follow-up research that will further elucidate the topic at hand.

Hanover’s fixed-cost literature review services model makes us both less expensive and more responsive than larger firms and supports our clients’ long-term strategic planning: additional questions arising out of a given project may be pursued on-demand, and at no additional cost, rather than forgotten. Moreover, our ability to draw on the diverse skill sets of a full-service team of research professionals makes us much more versatile than an internal staff member.