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About Hanover Research

Insights To Make Decisions With Confidence

Hanover Research gives organizations a competitive advantage through custom market research, data-driven insights, and strategic guidance.

With a 96% client satisfaction rate, Hanover makes market research accessible to all using the latest research methodologies that deliver outstanding value and measurable impact. Our findings support decisions across industry sectors for established organizations, emerging companies, and educational institutions.

Unique and objective market research

Hanover offers a variety of research products and services, but the core of our business is always customization. We focus on meeting your organization’s exact needs and preferences.

Why organizations count on Hanover Research

Hanover Research has delivered decision-shaping intelligence for over two decades. Our insights have driven our clients and partners forward into new approaches, new offerings, and new markets.

More than data, our industry-expert insights shed light on evergreen questions as well as emerging challenges. We support organizations in three primary markets:

Our people and our proprietary tools and technologies provide the data, insights and intelligence that drive successful decision-making.

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of organizations conduct market research frequently

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of businesses say market research provides an ROI of more than 4x

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of organizations say market research findings are an effective tool for decision-making

How Hanover makes market research accessible

We unlock the power of market research so all levels of an organization can leverage these insights in every decision they face – from the strategic to the day-to-day.

Most companies lack the internal skillsets and expertise to gather and analyze the data they need. Hanover Research has 200+ research analysts with advanced expertise. We provide seamless access to every type of research methodology, so you never have to hire internally. Our teams apply the right approach to every challenge, every time to deliver the data and insights you need.

Our clients frequently need to understand significant market trends and forces that shape the challenges they face. Hanover contextualizes emerging challenges and opportunities by examining macro and micro market dynamics. Our analyst teams are sector specialists who know the nuances that come into play.

Hanover tailors our research to your situation. There’s an overwhelming amount of generic data out there. None of it allows you to speak with the teams behind the data, drill into sectors or conduct follow-up analysis. Working with Hanover, you can do all of that and more. The result is better reports and datasets to support superior decision making.

Hanover Research is built to meet each organization’s preferences and processes for how information is provided. Sometimes our clients need a report; other times, a raw dataset. No matter the ask, our research teams deliver. We meet your requests by creating flexing reports, datasets, and interim findings with crosstabs for intuitive access to information.

The goals and expectations facing organizations are higher than ever— but their time and teams remain fixed. This can cause mission-critical projects to be underserved or sidelined. Our clients count on Hanover to deliver when they have neither the time nor resources. We absorb their challenges, providing regular status updates and the essential insights needed.
We believe that research insights should be accessible and affordable. We created the Hanover subscription offering to be your most cost-effective and insight-rich solution. It frees your organization from hefty hourly engagement fees and frequent upcharges of traditional consulting firms.

Our vision for market research

As the stakes rise ever higher for organizations, making solid, information-based decisions has become critical. Hanover is committed to delivering exceptional research in service to our clients by providing the information organizations need, how they need it, and when they need it.

Technology, methodology, and the ongoing need for findings that shape critical decisions fuel our growth. Validity will be our hallmark. Achieved through an unrelenting commitment to conducting objective research.

Highly credentialed researchers will be our difference-makers. We will invest in their skills and expertise across methodologies and industries to support excellence, responsiveness, accuracy, and flexibility.

The world’s demand for market knowledge will never yield. Nor will investment in our capabilities. From machine learning to AI, our approach starts with each client’s decision-making needs and builds backward to meet them successfully.

Our vision is to make market research accessible to all and so ingrained in companies’ processes that no decision is made without being rooted in research. From the strategic to the day-to-day, we believe research insights drive better decision-making. We are unlocking the power of market research so that all levels in an organization can customize the information they need, how they need it, and when they need it.

20 great years in 20 fun facts

On February 25, 2003, Hanover was launched.
Hanover sold and serviced its first client in the Corporate space in 2005.
Hanover took on its first Higher Education client in 2005.
The first Hanover office opened in Charlottesville, VA, in 2006.
Hanover began offering its research services to K–12 Districts in 2008.
Hanover received its first request for Education Grants support in 2009.
Hanover moved its headquarters to Arlington, VA, in 2011.
Hanover launched its online digital client portal in 2012.
On July 9, 2013, Hanover launched its first annual Community Day of Service.
Hanover expanded support to 500 clients in 2013.
Hanover made the Washington Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2014.
Hanoverian team members launched Hanover’s Affinity Groups in 2015.
Hanover doubled its client count in two years, reaching 1,000 in 2015.
Hanover became the second fastest-growing firm in the Market Research industry in 2015.
Hanover became an American Marketing Association Top 50 National Market Research Firm in 2016.
Hanover launched its annual Trend Report for Higher Education and K–12 Education in 2017.
Hanover Research named Top 50 Research Firm by GreenBook Market Leaders Report in 2019.
Hanover migrated to a remote-friendly model with team members in 32 states in 2022.

Our impact

Hanover Research has conducted nearly 100,000 research studies. Each one of them is a success story worth sharing.

Sauer Brands

Understanding customer experiences and buyer personas.

Iowa City Community School

Applying research to the classrooms and building confidence.

Texas A&M

Driving faculty engagement with data.

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture

Hanover Research creates an equitable environment where employees of all levels listen to and learn from each other. Our teams have different roles, but we see and respect one another as equals. Embracing the varied backgrounds in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, religion, and global perspectives is fundamental to our success.

Inside our culture, everyone is appreciated, empowered, safe, and welcome to bring their authentic selves to each moment.

Group 26

Celebrating our values

We built our culture upon innovation, research excellence, the spirit of client service, and kindness. Each year, Hanover celebrates the best of our people with firmwide awards. Each winner is nominated by their Hanoverian peers and celebrated firmwide.

The Hanover Values awards

Celebrating thought leadership that goes beyond data to deliver engaging, thought-provoking, and relevant insights. The award acknowledges disruptive thinking that paves the way for scalable and sustainable improvement.
Awarding exceptional proactive partnership, listening, and empathy with our clients and partners. An honor reserved for those who deliver personalized support and solutions that go the extra mile.
Acknowledging leaders who demonstrate a clear vision and path forward. They are the motivators who inspire others to strive for excellence.
Honoring those who create new partnerships and deepen existing relationships by supporting and anticipating emerging client challenges.
A tribute to those who create and participate in spaces that promote inclusion and representation of our team’s diverse backgrounds.
Hailing the ultimate Hanover spirit — we celebrate our MVPs, our innovative, growth-oriented leaders who work in service to our clients, our teams, and our community.

Careers at Hanover

Working at Hanover Research means collaborating in teams to help clients reach goals, overcome challenges, and make complex choices. You’ll harness the power of research, analytics, and advisory services to build confidence in them — and yourself. Start now by researching your opportunities at Hanover.

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