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Anirban Ghosh, MS, MA

Senior Managing Director, Content Initiatives
Education: MA in Economics, Georgetown University; MS in Statistics and Mathematics, Marquette University; MS in Applied Economics, Marquette University
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Areas of Expertise: Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Digital Project Management.

Anirban started his career in advanced analytics almost 20 years ago doing physician optimization and territory alignment for pharmaceutical companies. After that, he spent some years in graduate school, getting master’s degrees in Statistics and Economics from Maquette and Georgetown, respectively. The Georgetown degree was part of a PhD pursuit which he quit when he realized after working for a year at Brookings that he enjoys working with people, rather than insolated research. At that time, he found himself at Hanover, quicky becoming the manager of the data analysis team which he grew from three individuals to 15 direct reports. His recent focuses have been on building efficiencies in Hanover’s custom research projects, and on our digital assets and syndicated research. Anirban led the recent development of Hanover’s Higher Education Benchmark Survey Series, among other key internal projects.

“I have always loved telling stories with data, and over the last decade Hanover has provided me with opportunities to do what I love across multiple clients in both custom and syndicated research products.”
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