Comprehensive & Affordable Brand Tracking

Discover what consumers think of your brand – and your competitors – with a comprehensive and affordable brand tracking solution.

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How It Helps

Hanover’s Brand Tracker is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that measures how consumers discover, view, and engage with your brand:

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Track Brand Equity and Performance Over Time

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Assess the Impacts of Your Marketing Campaigns

Identify Category Trends Early and Respond Quickly to Challenges

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Uncover the Drivers of Category Consumer Behavior

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Benchmark Your Brand to Competitors Across Key Brand Metrics and Web, Social, and News

How It works

Brand Tracker quantitatively benchmarks consumer feedback, analyzes key brand metrics and media, and tracks brand performance in
three easy steps


Select Your Audience


Choose the number of times a year to run Brand Tracker


Receive brand health results in your custom dashboard

what you get

After one discussion, our expert research team handles the rest of setup

Brand health dashboard visualizes brand performance over time while drill down reporting offers additional segmentation and analysis

Personalized results at a fraction of the price of a typical custom brand tracking survey

Crafted by our brand tracking research experts using insights from thousands of brand surveys

Complete coverage of the 12 key brand tracking metrics, behavioral and psychographic data, and our proprietary “intent to purchase” model

Access to social media sentiment, website traffic, search volume and news mentions for you and competitor brands

Access to 2,000 respondents per yearly survey wave in the U.S. and Canada (larger or more customized audiences available)

Our expert analysts are on hand to help you analyze and interpret your brand tracker data so you can put insights into action

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what people say

"Utilizing Hanover’s Brand Tracker has enabled us to quantitatively assess core segments of our consumer base, namely across baby food and children’s snacks. Taking a data-driven approach to measure key metrics such as Awareness, Consideration, and NPS, as well as how consumers rank key attributes vis-à-vis other brands, has enabled us to confidently track market reaction to our creative campaigns, which helps both us and our customers/partners."

Once Upon a Farm
Katie Marston, CMO and Nicole MacNeill, Brand Manager

"We've been extremely happy with the partnership. I think you guys produce great work and we're thrilled. We appreciate your nimbleness when you modify survey projects to fulfill our on-demand needs."

Director, Brand Development and Senior Director of Market Branding

When I joined Cloverdale last year, I had to quickly establish baseline metrics in key markets for multiple brands, and Hanover’s Brand Tracker was an ideal solution. The Brand Tracker platform turns data into simple visual stories, and makes it easy to communicate brand metrics with various stakeholders throughout my organization. It has helped to inform and validate key strategic decisions when married with additional insights and data from other sources. I look forward to doing a second wave in the future to see how our investments have moved the needle vs. our competition in key markets.

Cloverdale Foods Company
Leigh Milander, Vice President of Marketing

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