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Social Impact

We Are the Change

Hanoverians love their communities, and we work together to engage with our communities, to give back, and to be the change we want to see in the world.

Hanover’s Affinity Groups

Hanover’s Affinity Groups are an employee-led, Hanover-sponsored essential network that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Open to all Hanoverians, together, they support inclusion in recruiting and retaining talent, empowering personal and professional growth, and highlighting opportunities for all Hanoverians to participate in giving back to each other and to our communities.

Our Purpose

The Hanover Black Caucus formed with the goal of connecting the Black employees throughout Hanover and offering a safe community for them to freely discuss their thoughts and experiences.

Who We Are

We collaborated with Hanover’s leadership to advocate for Black employees and transform Hanover into the inclusive, diverse, and equitable organization we can all be proud to work for.

Our Goals

  • Produce a culture that expands dialogue regarding race.
  • Improve current company demographics.
  • Provide platforms whereby Black employees can be heard, seen, and respected.
  • Increase awareness by promoting information that promotes anti-racism.
  • Be of service to ourselves, others, and mankind.

Our Purpose

The Hanover Organization of Women exists to support women at Hanover across sector, position, and location through professional and community development events.

Who We Are

The Hanover Organization of Women formed to provide a safe forum for discussion and collaboration.

Our Goals

  • Explore what it means to be a woman in the workplace.
  • Celebrate successful women and their careers.
  • Empower female employees of Hanover to shape their work environment.

Our Purpose

Hanover’s Parents and Families provides an environment for parents, caregivers, parents-to-be, and their colleagues to discuss the unique challenges (and rewards) of raising a family, and how that impacts life both at work and outside of work.

Who We Are

Hanover’s Parents and Families discusses topics that impact working caregivers and their colleagues, such as:

  • Finding the optimal work-life balance while remaining flexible and organized.
  • Keeping children engaged.
  • Remaining responsive to our work activities and tasks at Hanover.
  • Offering family-centered suggestions to leadership.
  • Celebrating small and big wins and the secret sauce to success.

Our Goals

  • Increase membership in order to have stronger advocacy and ongoing discussions around our group’s mission and goals.
  • Amplify conditions, resources, and benefits for working parents and caregivers.
  • Discuss family-centered financial resources (e.g., college savings, meal planning, staycations).

Our Purpose

Hanover Pride seeks to provide a collaborative space and social outlet for Hanover’s queer community and its allies.

Who We Are

We program events, provide resources, and organize fundraising efforts for marginalized LGBTQ+ populations.

Our Goals

  • Empower queer voices at Hanover.
  • Foster a welcoming, supportive, and visible queer community.
  • Promote an equitable workplace, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Giving back

Hanover employees give back to the community by sharing their time and talent with a wide variety of organizations including:

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