Bakersfield City School District (Bakersfield) in California wanted to determine if its professional learning offerings were meeting its teachers’ needs. After pivoting from externally sourced training to a robust program of in-house learning, Bakersfield wanted to ensure that its offerings were providing the most meaningful experiences to its teachers.


Bakersfield partnered with Hanover Research to gather teacher feedback on its professional learning offerings. Hanover administered and analyzed a professional learning survey that identified teachers’ opinions on the training and informed the content of its summer training institute, a seasonal program that aims to energize teachers while increasing their motivation throughout the year. Then, Hanover administered a follow-up survey to assess the effectiveness of Bakersfield’s summer training.


bakersfield city school district professional development


  • Shared the survey results with its teachers’ association and board of trustees
  • Provided data to the union president to determine how to best support teachers through a coaching model
  • Launched conversations to affirm districts’ vision for professional learning and get internal buy-in for coaching model improvements

bakersfield city school district

“We want our teachers to give feedback and lead sessions, focusing on a culture of collective efficacy to support our belief system. Having a partner like Hanover Research fits a longstanding need in our district. We have been able to make the progress we’ve made because we have a third-party vendor…we’re positioned for great success.”

—Mark Luque; Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services


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