Baltimore Aircoil Company Develops HVAC Purchasing Strategy for New International Market

BAC enlisted Hanover to analyze a new international market for heat rejection systems in order to design an effective purchasing strategy for this new market.

Challenge: Identify a winning product for international markets

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is the global leader of factory-assembled evaporative heat rejection and thermal storage equipment. As it was developing its strategy for an international market, BAC engaged Hanover Research to determine what factors influence the selection of heat rejection systems. The company wanted to understand the purchase process, brand preferences, and most desirable characteristics for heat rejection systems specific to this new market.

“We turned to Hanover to better understand the product needs and purchasing behaviors of those involved in the selection, installation, and operation of heat rejection equipment in a new international market. We specifically explored these needs and trends within the three major segments of HVAC, industrial, and refrigeration equipment.”

Andrew Karl
Global Director, Market Strategy, Baltimore Aircoil Company

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Solution: Survey more than 1,000 HVAC professionals and analyze buying preferences

BAC enlisted Hanover to analyze a new international market for heat rejection systems to design an effective purchasing strategy for this new market.

Research Goals:

  • Determine what types of heat rejection systems are most common in the new international market
  • Understand the purchase process for heat rejection systems
  • Identify the most important factors in the selection of heat rejection systems for this new market


Hanover deployed a buyer needs survey of over 1,000 HVAC professionals sourced from a representative panel of respondents. These included engineering and design personnel, contractors and installers, distributors, sales representatives, and end users across the HVAC/comfort cooling, industrial/process cooling, and refrigeration/cold supply chain sectors.

After analyzing the end-user and buyer preferences measured in the survey, Hanover provided recommendations to BAC on critical attributes that sales representatives could use both in the new market and when tailoring their advertising to that market.

“Expanding into a new market requires intensive research into the products customers need, their most preferred brands, what attributes they consider highly important, and more. As we honed our strategy for expanding into a new international market, we needed data-driven research to inform key business decisions. With Hanover as our partner, we were able to collect feedback from relevant personnel across seven countries, giving us the insights we needed to move forward.”

Preston Blay
Vice President, Global Marketing, Baltimore Aircoil Company

Impact: BAC launches strategic product offerings in the international market

Informed by Hanover’s survey analysis, Baltimore Aircoil Company can:

  • Advertise the heat rejection system attributes most important to the new international market on their website and in sales materials
  • Identify and target their marketing to a new segment that includes the most influential decision-makers in the heat rejection system selection process
  • Innovate their sales representative training to promote the attributes that are most important to buyers and influencers of heat rejection systems in the new international market
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Armed with crucial information, BAC:

Identify the best products for the new market

Define target audience segments

Innovate sales team training

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