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BIC Leverages Hanover Partnership to Access the Consumer Voice

Hanover addresses BIC’s objectives by testing different product concepts, and by conducting attitudes and usage surveys among distinct market segments


Keith Last and his brand management team look to Hanover to define consumer preferences and usage habits for lighter products. Additionally, BIC relies on Hanover to evaluate new product designs and niche consumer behavior.

With data-driven research, Keith and his team optimize BIC’s marketing mix to attract and retain its target consumers.

We want buyers to learn what consumers want, and recognize that the product decisions we make are grounded in research.Because Hanover’s research helps our retail teams build buyer interest, applying this data has resulted in an overall increase in lighter sales.

-Keith Last, Brand Manager-Lighters


Hanover addresses BIC’s objectives by testing different product concepts, and by conducting attitudes and usage surveys among distinct market segments. Through this research, Hanover has identified consumer purchasing criteria, brand loyalty drivers, consumer product preferences, and potential new audiences

Research Initiatives

• Gain access to the consumer voice

• Delve into product preferences of target market segments

• Structure focus groups and consumer outreach efforts to devise actionable plans

• Guide business decisions with comprehensive research


Hanover’s research informs the strategies of BIC’s sales team, which liaises with buyers to sell BIC’s products into its over 3 million global retail outlets. Further, BIC uses Hanover’s analyses to:

  • Resolve whether or not to introduce product lines to market or take certain marketing directions
  • Determine key purchase drivers for its product range
  • Make shelving decisions based on what packaging concepts are likely to increase sales

“We act upon Hanover’s data immediately to inform marketing decisions. Findings from Hanover reports often illuminate new insights we were unaware of previously, and these insights frequently boil up to the executive level in product presentations to then be integrated into BIC’s larger business strategy.

-Keith Last, Brand Manager-Lighters


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