Hanover Helps Blue Diamond Growers Strengthen New Business Strategies and Product

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Hanover adds critical manpower to Blue Diamond’s product marketing efforts. Our team has limited time, and therefore uses Hanover to devote a level of attention to specific categories of interest that we cannot dedicate ourselves. Through the partnership, Hanover conducts the deep-dive category assessments we need, allowing our team to focus on addressing the high-value business questions that arise from the research.

Al Greenlee; Director of Marketing at Blue Diamond


Blue Diamond® Growers (Blue Diamond) is the world’s largest almond processing and marketing company. With a 10% annual increase in the global demand for almond goods, Blue Diamond partnered with Hanover Research to evaluate growth opportunities and conduct research into new business development.

Blue Diamond Case Study



Hanover conducted category reviews to evaluate growth opportunities within Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze product line, and provided insights into how the company could expand with new business development. Hanover’s analysis outlined key factors of market growth or decline, as well as barriers to entry and profitability of category entrance.

The Impact

Using Hanover’s analysis, Blue Diamond is able to:

  • Target growth opportunities for its Almond Breeze product line
  • Understand key factors of market growth or decline
  • Navigate barriers to market entry and evaluate profitability of category entrance

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