Princess CruisesChallenge

Princess Cruises® (Princess), considered one of the most recognized cruise lines in the world, uses a variety of retail promotions to attract customers and remain competitive in the market. However, Princess needed an objective and measurable way to verify which promotion offers had the most appeal to new and existing customers.


Hanover tested the value of 13 individual promotion options through Conjoint and MaxDiff analyses to model consumer tradeoffs and discover the optimal combination of offers that Princess could use to shape its future promotions packages.


Hanover identified which offers and offer packages had the broadest appeal, allowing Princess to offer a set of incentives to existing and potential customers that will maximize cruise ship attendance.

Based on Hanover’s findings, Princess:

  • Selected an optimal combination of promotional offers to drive cruise purchases
  • Launched a successful promotional campaign
  • Developed a set of desirable offer combinations to use
    in future promotions

We use Hanover for consumer insights projects that require more sophisticated research methodologies than our team has the capability for. Additionally, we never know what research questions will be coming our way so we value Hanover’s ability to switch gears quickly as we need them to. Being able to access this type of research on command has been a real asset to my team.

—Brent Haydamack; Director of Market Research & Consumer Insights, Princess Cruises

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