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Hatboro-Horsham School District Launches Full–Day Kindergarten After Multi-Methodological Analysis from Hanover

The Hanover team produced a thorough analysis that ensured Hatboro-Horsham School District the information required to assess a move to a full-day kindergarten.

The Challenge: Assess a Shift in the Kindergarten Schedule

Hatboro-Horsham School District (Hatboro-Horsham) was considering a shift from a half-day to full-day kindergarten program. However, the district needed to understand if the shift would be operationally feasible for the district, have clear benefits to students, and receive support from the local community.

The Solution: Clear Analysis to Gauge the Impact

Hanover Research devised a multi-step approach to conduct a full-day kindergarten assessment, which included:

  • Analyzing best practices to study the national trends, challenges, and benefits t o a full-day kindergarten program.
  • Profiling peer districts in the Northeastern United States through in-depth interviews to ascertain how similar districts implemented a full-day kindergarten program.
  • Surveying 1,700 community members that quantified interest and support  for a full-day kindergarten program.

The Outcome: A Smooth Transition to a Full-Day Program

Hanover’s analysis revealed key insights into the benefits of a full-day program as well as best practices for implementation and planning.




Because of Hanover’s analysis, Hatboro-Horsham:

  •  Established a Full-Day Kindergarten Feasibility Task Force to lead the program planning and evaluation process.
  • Conducted a cost analysis that revealed the district could support a full-day program with grant funds, transportation offsets, and staff reallocation.
  • Approved launch of full-day kindergarten program.

Data plays a key role in making informed decisions. Learn more with our blog, Using Data to Solve K-12 Challenges.

The Hanover team produced a thorough analysis that ensured we had all the information required to assess a move to a full-day kindergarten. From understanding student benefits and community support to outlining how we should go about enacting this change, the analysis gave us the concrete information we needed.

—Dr. Monica J. Taylor, Assistant Superintendent

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Hatboro-Horsham School District


K-12 Education


Horsham, PA

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