“Hanover’s report was used to create the conceptual framework for implementing this multi-tiered system… Since implementation, 900 children in 45 pre-K classrooms have improved with respect to phonemic awareness, letter naming, and vocabulary.

— Cindy Anderson, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Ingham Intermediate School District 


Create a multi-tiered pre-school support system

To provide training and support to 45 preschool classrooms in its service area, Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD) sought to implement a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework in literacy and behavior with students ages three to five.

Program goals included:

  • Creating  a seamless transition from pre-K to kindergarten;
  • Aligning early learning standards with the Common Core;
  • Adding infrastructure for tiered structures  of support at the pre-K level;
  • Enabling successful student outcomes in pre-K and kindergarten environments; and
  • Building implementation supports between pre-K and kindergarten faculty.


Build conceptual model reinforced with evidence-based practices

Ingham ISD commissioned Hanover Research to contribute to the development of this RtI model at the preschool level and inform oral language and emergent literacy instructional practices with preschool teachers.

Hanover’s report:

  • Provided Ingham ISD with a meta-analysis of evidence-based intervention practices to promote the development of language and literacy in young children;
  • Empowered Ingham to build an innovative conceptual framework that integrated both language and behavior; and
  • Created the model for a support system that Ingham used to train preschool teachers and develop leadership capacity to implement these evidence-based practices.


Literacy improvements for 900 pre-K students

Through the implementation of this innovative model, Ingham has:

  • Witnessed global student improvements in all 45 implementation sites in vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and letter naming;
  • Received wide-spread faculty and leadership support for the implementation of this framework;
  • Earned recognition at the national RtI Innovations Conference 2013;
  • Created  a structural framework that informed the development of a state-level pre-K RtI model; and
  • Sustained student learning outcomes despite curricular and personnel changes.

Hanover Research