logo: Wake ForestIn the law world, there’s always some apprehension about doing something new or different. Hanover’s surveys helped to confirm our internal beliefs about what our student market would be and see that the MSL program was a viable opportunity… Since the program’s start, we have doubled enrollment and see lots of maturation potential for the degree offering.

— Chris Meazell, Director – Master of Studies in Law, Wake Forest University School of Law


Assess expansion opportunities

At a time of shrinking law school enrollment nationwide, Wake Forest University School of Law identified a Master of Studies in Law Program (MSL) as a viable opportunity to stay relevant in an evolving student marketplace.

The School of Law sought Hanover Research’s data services to validate proof of concept, influence program launch, and identify development strategies worthy of pursuit when creating this new degree.


Analyze student demand and program perceptions

Hanover Research performed an initial market assessment to determine student demand for this offering. Once verifying the growing market potential for the introduction of the MSL program at Wake Law, Hanover data specialists conducted a range of perception surveys and analyses across employer and student cohorts that enabled our partner to:

  • Identify  student drivers of program growth, including financial aid services and direct career path opportunities;
  • Benchmark program desirability across competitor offerings;
  • Project earning potential, employability, and industry opportunities for potential graduates;
  • Segment the student market and suggest targeted recruitment strategies.


Develop and launch new offerings

Hanover’s collaborative approach provided Wake Law with the industry and consumer insight needed to develop its MSL degree program. The implementation of this program, now in its second year, has enabled Wake Law to:

  • Receive national recognition from the Wall Street Journal;
  • Increase program enrollment by 100%;
  • Differentiate curricular offerings and student outcomes;
  • Diversify incoming student classes.
Wake Forest University School of Law's MSL website

Wake Forest University School of Law’s MSL website


WSJ discusses how Wake Forest University School of Law launched a master’s-degree program geared specifically for nonlawyers who want grounding in legal basics.

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