Pinellas County Schools (Pinellas) is the public school district serving Pinellas County, Florida. With more than 100,000 students served in more than 140 schools and centers, the district is the seventh-largest in Florida and 26th-largest in the nation. As part of the district’s ongoing work to eliminate the gaps between minority and non-minority student outcomes, the district sought a tailored research program to inform strategic decision-making.


Hanover designed a strategic research program to help tackle diversity challenges as they manifest in how teachers, administrators, and students engage with one another.


Hanover identified new classroom cultural competency practices, best practices for diversity in educator recruiting, and equitable discipline implementation details that can help Pinellas craft a robust diversity strategy.




Hanover’s work is directly connected to strategic planning in Pinellas. Hanover’s research gives decision makers the confidence that they are basing important decisions on research. Hanover provides us with answers, solutions, and innovations around the topic of cultural diversity that we wouldn’t be able
to obtain otherwise.
—Dan Evans, Executive Director

Hanover Research