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As an Institution, we can’t always be the first to do things; but at the same time we can’t be last. Hanover has provided us with the research to inform our future while keeping us on track to make data-driven decisions into the 21st century…This data can both sustain us and help us to thrive.

– Weymouth Spence, Ed.D., R.T., Washington Adventist University President 


Identify actionable strategies for improvement

Charged with creating a competitive program in the face of limited resources, this private university’s new President created The Plan—a strategic vision outlining a massive restructuring initiative. Washington Adventist University sought Hanover’s services to analyze data and provide recommendations on the action-items within this plan to guide their ultimate goal: revitalizing brand reputation through improved student outcomes.


Determine high-impact, low-cost, targeted change to guide institutional plan of action

Over the course of their three-year partnership, Hanover has collaborated with WAU over thirty-eight times to determine high-impact, feasible solutions which supported a culture of excellence.

Hanover Research produced actionable insight and concrete  recommendations for Washington Adventist by:

  • Increasing their competitive status within the higher education landscape through the active pursuit of funding;
  • Analyzing graduate and employee satisfaction surveys, learning outcomes, and enrollment data to guide The Plan’s strategic goals;
  • Generating new ideas for curriculum innovation, enhanced support services, and institutional structure and development.


Advances in student outcomes and brand perception

Washington Adventist has succeeded in implementing vast institutional improvements since The Plan’s launch. The university is now on sound fiscal ground due to a host of revitalized outcomes and enhanced offerings that have raised retention rates to 72% and graduation rates up by 40% within the last five years.

The solutions facilitated by Hanover equipped WAU with the insight needed to guide this transformation.

Our vision was always there, but Hanover’s studies provided data to endorse our vision, showing an external view as to why our vision holds importance and informing the marketability of these ideas… Hanover’s thorough understanding of best practices in the higher education space has helped in our decision making, not just when looking at our own internal understanding, but rather in guiding the discussions on where we have wanted to go over the last five years.

— Janette Neufville, Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Washington Adventist University President 


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