Hanover’s Brand Strategy Solution provides the tools to build and protect your brand. Specifically, we help you create messaging that resonates with customers, differentiates from competitors, and increases market share.

We help you answer key questions and develop strategies for success:

  • What do our customers view as our brand’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do customers perceive our brand compared with competitors?
  • What messaging points can help differentiate our brand against the competition?
  • Are we maximizing the impact of our marketing campaigns?

Hanover’s Brand Strategy Solution

Hanover’s Brand Strategy Solution will help companies surface the most marketable ideas, refine concepts, and ensure customer adoption after launch

Brand Perception Assessment

Gauge brand strength

Understand how consumers perceive your brand and the specific brand attributes that drive preference, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Competitive Brand Benchmarking

Benchmark your brand against competitors

Differentiate your brand from the competition and identify where you excel and where opportunities exist.

Brand Value Proposition Testing

Validate messaging and positioning

Test potential brand changes to measure impact on consumer perceptions, whether you choose to refresh your entire message or make more incremental changes.

Campaign Testing

Measure campaign effectiveness

Assess campaign effectiveness and return on investment by pre-testing before making big investments and then monitoring impact over time.


  • Fuel growth through a strengthened brand
  • Build a sustainable advantage over competitors
  • Improve ROI on campaign dollars

A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

Thank you for all of your good work in assisting us to frame a submission in a stiff nation-wide competition. Hanover was able to absorb a lot of complex information about Great Circle, our strategic direction utilizing the Baldrige Model of Performance Excellence, and then package it to meet the Alliance requirements for a ‘Theory of Change, Transformative Project.’ We owe you a major thanks!

– Kathy O’Brien; VP and Chief Strategy Officer, Great Circle

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Great Circle Leverages Hanover’s Strategic Direction to Secure Grant Funding

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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