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With insights into customer perceptions and associations of your brand, you can easily pinpoint opportunities to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty and improve brand recognition.

Did you know that 45% of a brand’s image is based on what it says – and how it says it? Simply put, brand health matters. Measuring brand health means understanding how customers use fast-changing technology to discover, view, and engage with your brand. Hanover’s Brand Tracker is our new affordable and easy-to-use solution that measures the strength and effectiveness of your brand:

Track Brand Awareness: measure brand health, brand health tracking, brand health tools

Track Awareness: Measure brand strength over time.

Course Correct: brand health measurement, determine brand health

Course Correct: Identify and diagnose underperformance early.

Zero In: brand tracking, brand health study, measure brand health

Zero In:
Identify and target groups that prefer your brand.

Zero In: brand tracking, brand health tools, brand health study

Compare: Benchmark yourself to competitors.

Brand Tracker quantitatively benchmarks consumer feedback, analyzes key brand metrics and tracks brand performance via an exclusive survey-based approach:

  • Full-service brand tracking survey
  • 4 survey waves per year
  • 12 brand tracking metrics, detailed customer profiling, and a proprietary “intent to purchase” model
  • 500 respondents per wave in the U.S. and Canada
  • Dynamic dashboard records brand tracking metrics and provides additional brand tracking details

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A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

Sylvan is a huge company, but our headquarter operations are quite small – meaning we have to prioritize how to efficiently allocate our staff’s time. Having Hanover’s partnership gives us the best of both worlds, providing dedicated support that integrates research expertise with a comprehensive understanding of our business. This partnership gives us access to research experts without the overhead that often comes with external vendor contracts or with maintaining our own research department.


Amy Przywara; Vice President of Marketing, Sylvan Learning

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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