Hanover’s Channel Partner Effectiveness Solution works with leading consumer brands to elevate retail sales performance by helping them to demonstrate category thought leadership and drive outperformance at retail.

We help you answer key questions and develop strategies for success:

  • How can we ensure that channel partners are positioning our products effectively and not just competing on price?
  • How can we better align incentives with channel partners to drive the activities and behaviors that are important to achieving our strategic goals?
  • What insights could we share with retailers to make them more effective and position ourselves as their preferred supplier?

Hanover’s Channel Partner Effectiveness for Retail Sales Solution

We will customize an approach that leverages the expertise of our team and taps into our proven approaches to support your strategic objectives.

Market Trend Analysis

Track emerging consumer trends

Identify long-term market trends that you should plan for with a comprehensive assessment of evolving consumer preferences, competitor innovations, and retail dynamics.

Consumer Validation Analysis

Gauge consumer awareness and purchase intent

Obtain visibility into whether consumers will purchase a new product or if an enhancement will make your offering more enticing. Coupled with a Pricing Analysis this can be a powerful tool in your go-to-market or product innovation strategies.

Category Gap Assessment

Spot competitive market opportunities

Benchmark competitor offerings to understand the broad market landscape, measure and monitor your competition, and uncover gaps/opportunities. The gap assessment will help you determine if a new product will satisfy current demand or cannibalize existing offerings.

Sell Story Presentation Support

Develop compelling sales presentations

Develop a compelling story that will communicate broader market trends, articulate consumer needs, and most of all, highlight the differentiation of your product.


  • Drive channel partner or retailer performance
  • Share customer insights with channel partners
  • Improve channel partner effectiveness
  • Align selling strategy with channel partners

A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

We are always looking for more data, more inputs, and more insight to make good choices for the future of our business. By leveraging Hanover’s price elasticity report, and corroborating these findings with our own research and assumptions, we were able to make a concrete business decision regarding our product positioning with confidence.

– John Jorgenson; Senior Vice President, Marketing

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