Hanover’s Consumer Journey Solution helps uncover consumer preferences and drivers of behavior, enabling a more targeted marketing strategy.

We help you answer key questions and develop strategies for success:

  • How do consumers perceive our product/brand relative to our competitors?
  • What are the characteristics or behaviors that define the segments that should be targeted within the broader population?
  • What drives consumer purchase decisions, and where in that process could we most effectively inflect decisionmaking?
  • How can we increase customer loyalty or transform customers into brand advocates?

Hanover’s Consumer Journey Solution

Hanover’s Consumer Journey Solution provides the consumer insights necessary to optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact

Attitude, Awareness & Usage Engagement (AAU)

screenshot: Attitude, Awareness & Usage Engagement

Benchmark consumer perceptions

Evaluate trends in consumer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, loyalty and behaviors toward your brand. Assess specific periods of time or track your progress in influencing this metric over time.

Customer Segmentation

screenshot: Customer Segmentation

Define unique segments and develop personas

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s demographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits to uncover cross and upsell opportunities, as well as inform your messages, service strategies, and product mix.

Path to Purchase Analysis

screenshot: Path to Purchase Analysis

Identify inflection points to align marketing tactics

Map your customer’s journey (or Shopper Path) to purchase, learning how customers are discovering (Awareness), researching (Consideration), and deciding to buy your products or services (Conversion).

Satisfaction & Loyalty Tracking

screenshot: Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracking

Track post-purchase satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy

Monitor customer satisfaction consistently to gather data needed to course-correct, drive product innovation, and retain customers.


  • Align marketing strategy and tactics to maximize ROI
  • Demonstrate thought leadership to retailers to win shelf space and drive increased sales
  • Identify opportunities for new product innovations and line extensions

A Word from One of Our Corporate Clients:

We realized the demand for insights was outpacing our team’s growth. For the cost of another full-time employee, we had the entire Hanover team dedicated to help with big projects that require consistent attention. I felt confident that experienced Hanover analysts were working on my high-priority projects, which in turn freed up my time to accomplish company-wide goals and grow the internal awareness of the Insights Team. This allowed us to contribute to multiple business units and support different departments with strategic research. Trusting Hanover Research as a strategic partner has enabled our lean team to have a bigger impact.


Kristen Kolb; Senior Insights Strategist, Clayton Homes

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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