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The right growth strategy is critical to success. But how do business leaders know if they’re making the right move? Hanover’s analysts apply in-depth industry knowledge and research expertise to produce actionable insights. As a result, organizations can make decisions that help them expand, outperform competitors, and meet their goals.

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Our market analysis will help you make smart growth decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Market Entry Strategy

Identifies and prioritizes markets for exploration and entry, including developing a go-to-market strategy in new or adjacent markets, and assessing market demand through advanced modelling.

Market Share Identification

Estimates market size and calculates TAM (Total Addressable Market) through custom economic modeling to identify the totality of the market.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzes the competitive landscape relevant to your company, product and or service to identify largest threats within the market and produces in-depth competitor profiles.

Sales Territory Mapping

Uses advanced territory analysis and to generate geographically bound territories for sales team organization.

Market Penetration Strategy

Identifies successful strategies for growing market share by increasing sales of existing products through understanding drivers of sales and customers’ needs.

Market Segmentation

Differentiates existing and potential customers into meaningful groups based on behaviors and response to market relevant factors using quantitative survey research to gather behavioral, attitudinal, demographic, and psychographic data from existing and potential customers to generate unique groups.

Trend Analysis

Identifies potential influencing factors and innovations on an organization’s sales, distribution channel(s), supply chain, and more revealing information on shifting market dynamics.

Merger and Acquisition Opportunity Analysis

Reviews potential companies for M&A opportunity and generates as coring model to prioritize pursuant companies through an aggregation and analysis of relevant company data.

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