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Brand Strategy

Measure, Monitor, and Improve Brand Performance with Key Performance Indicators​

Optimize your brand health

Building and maintaining a healthy brand is easier said than done. Effective measurement is critical to understanding the many factors that impact brand health.

Hanover brand strategy solutions measure the most important metrics for assessing brand health. These metrics ensure you receive a complete picture of your brand’s position in the market and can create an effective brand strategy.

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On average, brands see 10X ROI on their brand measurement research

Hanover brand strategy solutions help boost your brand's performance

Measures the strength of your brand and competing brands while identifying how much the role of branding leads customers to use products or services.

Learn more about Brand Equity.

Identifies the percent of relevant customers or consumers who are aware of a brand. This is used to establish a baseline metric for measuring RPO of brand-related initiatives and campaigns.

Learn more about Brand Awareness.

Gauges customer perceptions, satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend a brand (NPS). This is necessary to understand critical factors for building loyalty and retention.

Learn more about Brand Perception.

Measures brand health by quantitatively benchmarking customer feedback on a company’s brand and its competitors’ brands over time. In doing this we establish a cadence for measuring change.

Learn more about Brand Tracking.

Measures the consistency of a brand’s message and resonance in the market. This also explores if brand messages resonate as intended.

Learn more about Brand Development and Positioning.

Develops thought leadership pieces to generate awareness with media and press or prospect client interest as web content.

Learn more about Content Marketing.

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