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Brand Development Create consistent messaging that resonates

Does your brand message resonate with customers?

How resonant is your brand’s story with your audience? Is your message getting through as intended? Hanover Research offers a Brand Development solution that provides insight into how effectively your brand is communicating a compelling and consistent narrative.

Hanover uses both quantitative surveys and qualitative research to guide your brand development process. As a result, you’ll have comprehensive, actionable insights that can be used to launch, update, or further refine your brand’s message.

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Hanover Research has completed more than 500 brand strategy projects.

At the heart of every great brand is a compelling story


Identify the brand stories that hold an audience’s interest.


Influence customer perceptions, ideas, and beliefs about your brand and competing brands.


Move the audience from customers to promoters who champion your brand story.

How it works: Brand Development

Hanover Research uses both quantitative survey and qualitative research to provide insights related to brand development; delivering comprehensive, actionable insights companies can use as they develop and launch their brands.

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Quantitative Survey

Hanover Research designs, administers, and analyzes results from a custom brand development survey to provide rich insights into customer perceptions of your brand’s message.

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Qualitative Research

Hanover Research can follow up with focus groups or in-depth interviews to delve deeper into quantitative findings, revealing customer motivations and drivers of behavior.

evoqua water technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies Strengthens its Positioning in the Water Treatment Solutions Market

“Hanover’s recent voice of customer work with us has been insightful and informative as we seek to strengthen our positioning in a few key segments of the water treatment solutions market. The research was both helpful in confirming some previously held hypotheses, as well as uncovering some surprising market insights. The insights from our work together are being shared with leadership at Evoqua and will be supporting our strategy and sales efforts going forward.”

– Walt Kozlowski, Director, Strategic Marketing

Make decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Hanover Research provides high quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.


Ongoing research agenda adapts with your organization’s needs


200+ analysts with advanced research expertise


Annual, fixed-fee model delivers shared costs and benefits


Exclusive account and research teams ensure strategic partnership

Put the power of our Brand Development solution to work

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