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Brand Perception Build brand loyalty and retention

What does your audience think about your brand?

Positive brand perception drives loyalty and retention. If customers have a positive view of your brand, they are more likely to buy your product and recommend it to others.

Hanover’s Brand Perception solution measures the most important elements of brand reputation. You’ll understand your brand’s most appealing features and attributes and what makes it stand out against competitors. Our analysis also uncovers how your audience’s brand perception influences usage, purchases, and a customer’s likelihood to recommend.

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Hanover Research has completed more than 500 brand strategy projects.

Gauge your brand’s reputation with brand perception insights


Identify the attributes your audience associates with your brand.


Understand the brands customers prefer and why.


Identify your brand’s strongest supporters.

How it works: Brand Perception Survey

Hanover’s team designs a survey to measure and analyze the most important elements of brand perception.  

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Project Kickoff

Hanover Research determines the specific goals of the Brand Perception Survey as well as the best design, administration, and analysis plan.

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Survey Design and Programming

Our survey experts design and program the survey.

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Hanover launches the survey through an online survey platform, managing survey administration, monitoring response rates, and reviewing data quality.

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Analysis, Reporting, and Delivery

Your Hanover Research team reviews the survey responses and shares the results with you in a detailed analysis of your brand perception that includes recommendations and significant findings.



FLEXcon Company, Inc. Solidifies its Product Positioning with Hanover’s Focus Group

“FLEXcon was interested in testing its value proposition for a new product. It was important for us to understand how current and potential stakeholders perceive a brand, product, and service in their purchase decision. Hanover helped us determine what is most valuable and how to position the product. We were highly satisfied with the results.”

Amit Roy, Business Development Manager, FLEXcon

Make decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Hanover Research provides high quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.


Ongoing research agenda adapts with your organization’s needs


200+ analysts with advanced research expertise


Annual, fixed-fee model delivers shared costs and benefits


Exclusive account and research teams ensure strategic partnership

Leverage the power of our Brand Perception solution

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