Brand Tracking Track brand health over time

How does your brand compare to the competition?

Understanding what your customers think of your brand and your competitors is critical to maintaining market share and spotting opportunities for growth.  

Brand Tracker is a comprehensive and affordable combination of recurring surveys and dashboard reporting that provides up-to-date brand insights at a glance. Brand Tracker measures the key elements of brand health as compared to your competitors, providing vital answers to critical questions:

  • Who has heard of you?
  • What do customers think about you?
  • Who is buying your product?
  • Who isn’t buying your product?
  • Are you a preferred brand?
  • Do consumers who engage with your brand have an intent to buy?
  • Who are your brand advocates?
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Hanover Research has completed more than 500 brand strategy projects.

See how brand health leads to successful decision making


You identify the audience and frequency of reporting and Hanover Research does the rest.


The dashboard’s visualizations make reporting performance to leadership clear and concise.


Ongoing measurement means you can see how brand health shifts over time in relation to marketing efforts and market changes.

How it works

Understand the health of your brand in three easy steps using Hanover’s Brand Tracker.​

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Define Goals

Collaborate with your dedicated Client Engagement Director to define your brand tracking goals.

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Track Your Brand

One-time setup of the competitive brands, brand attributes, and product usage you want to track. ​

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Analyze and Act

Deploy and collect brand health results for consistent access to brand health insights

once upon a farm organics

Why Once Upon a Farm Organics is Partnering with Hanover Research

“Utilizing Hanover’s Brand Tracker has enabled us to quantitatively assess core segments of our consumer base, namely across baby food and children’s snacks. Taking a data-driven approach to measure key metrics such as Awareness, Consideration, and NPS, as well as how consumers rank key attributes vis-à-vis other brands, has enabled us to confidently track market reaction to our creative campaigns, which helps both us and our customers/partners.”

– Katie Marston, CMO and Nicole MacNeill, Brand Manager

Make decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Hanover Research provides high quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.


Ongoing research agenda adapts with your organization’s needs


200+ analysts with advanced research expertise


Annual, fixed-fee model delivers shared costs and benefits


Exclusive account and research teams ensure strategic partnership

Put the power of our Brand Tracking solution to work

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