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Customer Experience Analysis

Get a Detailed View of the Customer

Engage customers, reduce customer churn, and drive new sales with comprehensive customer experience insights

Optimize the customer experience with a deeper understanding of their behaviors, perceptions, and preferences.

Hanover simplifies the complex customer journey using insights from customer data, survey results, and first-hand feedback. Using it, you will create an unparalleled customer experience based upon a comprehensive customer view.

76% of companies agree that customer data increases their ROI

Our customer experience insights give you an in-depth view of the customer situation

Provides critical insight into the customer experience, including expectations, preferences, and habits, to understand how to most effectively reach your target audience through quantitative data analysis and qualitative feedback.

Learn more about Voice of the Customer.

Uses cluster analysis or decision modeling to differentiate customers into meaningful groups based on behavioral, attitudinal, demographic and psychographic data. Approaches can include buyer persona creation for each cluster through qualitative research methods such as interviews or focus groups.

Learn more about Customer Segmentation.

Generates nuanced descriptions of buyer groups typically differentiated by a combination of demographic and psychographic characteristics. Approach uses qualitative research methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups, etc.) to generate buyer persona profiles.

Learn more about Buyer Persona.

Provides comprehensive data on the consumer purchasing experience, including full-sale customer journey mapping, offering insight into decision-making across each stage of the customer lifecycle: awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention.

Learn more about Customer Journey.

Provides detailed data on the channels and touchpoints your customers interact with over the course of their buying journey, offering valuable insights to inflect conversion and retention.

Learn more about Pathway to Purchase.

This research leverages survey or qualitative methods to explore the motivations and perceptions that help companies understand why they win or lose business.

Learn more about Win Loss Analysis.

Identifies key elements of the customer’s experience with a brand, product, and/or service including needs, pain points, and challenges, as well as purchasing behaviors and what attributes are essential. Approach utilizes both quantitative survey and qualitative research to diagnose customer needs and pain points. 

Learn more about Customer Needs Assessment.

Measures customers’ level of satisfaction with a brand, their likelihood to recommend a brand, and loyalty to that brand. Also uses ratings of brand statements and attributes to identify key drivers of satisfaction using quantitative survey methodology.

Learn more about Customer Satisfaction. 

Ranks and prioritizes leads to improve conversion rates and revenue using logistic regression models on historical sales data to predict conversion for each individual lead.

Learn more about Lead Scoring.

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