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Buyer PersonaUnderstand your audience on a personal level

Your customers’ purchasing decisions are driven by more than just their age group or area code

Audiences are often defined by descriptors like age, gender, or geography. However, those categories are too broad to deliver actionable insights into each audience segment. Adding psychographic insights to demographic data achieves a more nuanced understanding of purchasing decisions. That’s where the Buyer Persona solution from Hanover Research comes into play. It adds color, context, and understanding to your audience.

The Buyer Persona solution uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and data analytics. Based on these findings, Hanover Research develops accurate and actionable personas that enable you to target your audience more precisely and increase the yield on your marketing spend.

Companies that tailor offerings to buyer segments secure 15% more annual profit.

Know more than your audience demographics


Reveal the ambitions, preferences, purchase drivers, and lifestyles behind the surface-level demographics.


Glean audience motivations, fears, interests, and needs.


Shape messages around people and their behaviors instead of demographics to build deeper connections.

How it works: End-to-end Buyer Persona support

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Research approach and strategy consultation and determinization.

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Identification and recruitment of optimal potential buyer mix.

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Logistics and coordination including platform setup, A/V components, and incentive structure.

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Guide Development

Develop the buyer persona interview questionnaire focused on both surface-level demographics and deeper motivations and decision triggers.

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Moderation and facilitation from qualitative research experts.



Based on the data, we reveal several key Buyer Personas.

Sauer Brands Takes a Data-Based Approach to Drive Customer Loyalty and New Product Development

“We have launched three new brands and brand segments in the last year and Hanover has been there every step of the way for every single one of those brands in understanding how our consumers are going to use these products, when would they most use them, and what would they most use them on.”

– Shon Pagel, Director of Brand and Marketing, Sauer Brands

Make decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Hanover Research provides high quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.


Ongoing research agenda adapts with your organization’s needs


200+ analysts with advanced research expertise


Annual, fixed-fee model delivers shared costs and benefits


Exclusive account and research teams ensure strategic partnership

Put the power of our Buyer Persona solution to work

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