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Customer JourneyCharting a customer’s path from awareness to conversion

Map out your customer’s journey

When you know how a customer will convert, you can influence their journey.  Where did they come from and how did they get to that point? What milestones should you use to track progress? You can better understand the path your customer takes to the buying decision with the Customer Journey solution from Hanover Research.

Using quantitative and qualitative data sources, Hanover Research gathers insights and shapes them into a map that charts the entire customer journey and shows where your brand or product can best intersect with that journey.

Nearly 90% of professionals using customer journey mapping report increases in customer satisfaction, lower churn rates, and fewer customer complaints.

Customer journey mapping targets the touchpoints that matter most


Uncover initial purchasing motivations and triggers.


Optimize utilization of resources used for product discovery.


Increase a customer’s product satisfaction and likelihood to recommend it.

How it works: Customer Journey Mapping

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Segment Customers

Separate your customers into groups with customer segmentation and buyer personas.

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Map the Lifecycle

Determine key customer lifecycle stages with Attitude, Awareness, and Usage (AA&U) surveys, ethnographic research, path-to-purchase studies, or customer lifetime value analysis.

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Identify Touchpoints

Reveal customer touchpoints with customer surveys or interviews or customer usage data.

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Target Improvements

Identify areas for improvement with customer feedback interviews or surveys.

Manitou Group Innovates Its Compact Earthmoving Equipment Based on Customer Preferences

“In our mission to center our products around the customer, we strive to regularly incorporate customer feedback into product and service design. We needed to not only understand how customers feel about this equipment, but how they view Manitou and our competing brands as a whole. Hanover’s analysis provided detailed insights into customer preferences for this equipment and the competitive landscape, helping us stand out further in the market and meet our customers’ biggest needs.”

– Jeff Weido, Senior Director, Product Management & Marketing

Make decisions with confidence, not guesswork

Hanover Research provides high quality, custom research and analytics through a cost-effective model that helps clients in the corporate, education, and healthcare sectors make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.


Ongoing research agenda adapts with your organization’s needs


200+ analysts with advanced research expertise


Annual, fixed-fee model delivers shared costs and benefits


Exclusive account and research teams ensure strategic partnership

Leverage the power of our Customer Journey Mapping solution

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