Student Experience Solutions study environmental factors beyond core academics that impact your students’ chances of success. From key skills to institutional support services, Hanover will assess your institution’s climate and uncover factors that may contribute to student dropout or post-graduate unemployment.

We help you answer key questions and deliver strategies for success:

  • Is our institution supporting the entire needs of our student body beyond academics?
  • How can I predict which students are at risk for not graduating?
  • What should my institution be focused on to prevent student attrition?
  • How prepared are our students for the workforce?

Hanover’s Student Experience Solution

We will customize an approach for your institution that leverages the expertise of our team and multiple methodologies to support your institution’s goals.

Institutional Climate Survey

screenshot: institutional climate

Gauge the student experience.

Surveys students to understand elements influencing their experience across areas such as extracurricular activities, athletics, library and technology resources, transportation, security, diversity, and other elements of institutional climate and student life.

Graduation Early Warning Dashboard

screenshot: graduation early warning dashboard

Preempt attrition.

Evaluates comprehensive data to identify which student profiles are at risk for not graduating, key triggers that may contribute to failures to graduate, and possible intervention points for improving graduation rates.

Dropped Student Analysis

screenshot: dropped student analysis

Identify the drivers of attrition.

Surveys dropped students to reveal the primary drivers of attrition, understand factors that contribute to student dropout, and target ways to prevent student dropout in the future.

Alumni Career Tracking

screenshot: career tracking

Support post-graduate success.

Analyzes targeted young alumni post-graduate outcomes and career development to identify perceived strengths and gaps, earnings expectations, and satisfaction with their educational experience, using a series of recent graduate and proprietary employer surveys to identify key factors that drive lifetime achievement.


  • Target key performance indicators and areas that improve or stall student success
  • Identify and support at-risk students with various intervention strategies
  • Understand key factors driving student drop-out
  • Track career readiness and spot student success improvement areas

A Word from One of Our Higher Education Clients:

Like many things in business, having a good relationship with a company’s representatives is so important. The Hanover representatives we’re working with feel more like colleagues than service providers. When deciding to pursue a partnership, having people that take time to understand the unique nature of your needs and limitations is important. When they actually craft a proposal that addresses those needs, it’s priceless. We plan to use Hanover to explore part time and flexible program delivery models and to help us get the insights we need to create distinct marketing plans for different segments of the market instead of a one-size fits all approach. For others considering working with an external partner, I recommend that you be very transparent about what your goals and limitations are.  Think of your external partners as the researchers you wish you had a budget to hire and that can handle any type of data collection and analysis project you have, be it marketing, recruitment, or engagement. Research is a science and unless you have a staff of scientists, you cannot duplicate what Hanover provides.

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Hillary Kane, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Adjunct Professor of Law

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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