Advancement Solutions help highlight your institutional impact and identify and connect your institution with the funding sources most likely to support your mission.

We help you answer key questions and deliver strategies for success:

  • What is our institution’s economic impact?
  • What value do we create for our community?
  • Which donor profiles should we pursue?
  • Are we optimizing our donor communications and sharing the right message?
  • How do we increase engagement with Generation Z?

Hanover’s Advancement Solution

We will customize an approach for your institution that leverages the expertise of our team and multiple methodologies to support your institution’s goals.

Economic Impact Study

screenshot: economic impact study

Assess institutional value creation.

Quantifies the impact an institution has on its community, providing an anchoring point to fundraising efforts.

Donor Segmentation Analysis

screenshot: donor segmentation analysis

Improve relationships.

Evaluates which donor profiles correlate with fundraising success and which could be untapped opportunities.

Alumni Engagement Survey

screenshot: alumni engagement survey

Drive funding.

Analyzes feedback from alumni and individual donors to determine engagement levels and likelihood to give.


  • Measure the economic value created through direct investments and indirect community benefits
  • Surface insights for increased donor fundraising effectiveness
  • Study trends in donor giving
  • Evaluate and improve alumni engagement levels
  • Spot trends in alumni sentiment and support

A Word from One of Our Higher Education Clients:

In the coming year, we are looking to expand into new markets, both programmatically and
geographically. Our upcoming selection of satellite campus locations and the expansion of programs in
existing satellite campuses will have a significant impact on the university. We hope that our partnership
with Hanover will aid us in selecting which current programs to offer in new locations, to generate
maximum enrollments and meet the needs of the community. When deciding which external partner to
work with, we were most impressed with the level of research Hanover provides at a very reasonable
price point.

– Dr. Joseph R. Marbach; President

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Why Georgian Court University is Partnering with Hanover Research

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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