Higher Education Marketing Solutions measure your institution’s brand and marketing effectiveness and identify the most attractive attributes to leverage in outreach.

We help you answer key questions and deliver strategies for success:

  • How strong is our institution’s brand recognition?
  • How do staff, faculty, students, and alumni define our institution’s brand?
  • How can we improve our position in the USNWR rankings?
  • How can we strengthen our online presence?
  • How can our institution’s messaging give us an advantage over our competitors?

Hanover’s Higher Education Marketing Solution

We will customize an approach for your institution that leverages the expertise of our team and multiple methodologies to support your institution’s goals.

Brand Assessment Survey

screenshot: brand perception analysis

Identify brand strengths and weaknesses.

Surveys prospective and current students, alumni, and community stakeholders to identify an institution’s brand strengths and areas for improvement, capturing distinctions across specific demographics and geographies.

Ranking Analysis

screenshot: us news & world ranking analysis

Increase exposure.

Evaluates your rankings to uncover key drivers of performance and pathways to improved rankings.

Marketing Channel Assessment

screenshot: marketing channel assessment

Assess outreach effectiveness.

Evaluates an institution’s marketing channel utilization including owned, earned, shared, and paid media relative to competitors.

Messaging Differentiation

screenshot: messaging differentiation

Leverage differentiating factors. 

Benchmarks an institution’s branding and messaging against competitors and highlights opportunities for increased differentiation.


  • Assess brand strengths and weaknesses
  • Attract new students with the right messaging for new programs
  • Evaluate brand positioning versus competitors
  • Identify which drivers can inflect USNWR ranking performance
  • Improve marketing channel effectiveness

A Word from One of Our Higher Education Clients:

The most significant factor for our decision to partner with Hanover was their flexibility with respect to the relatively narrow aims of our market research needs. Although I wasn’t originally aware of Hanover’s queue-based model for research projects, that structure turned out to work very nicely with the way we envisioned our needs. Our primary goal is to confirm the viability of our institutional plan to convert three graduate programs to asynchronous online platforms. We expect Hanover to provide clarity on the market for these programs and formats and to supply an appraisal of the overall opportunity (or threat) associated with our plan. In addition, we envision that Hanover will provide us a cogent picture of opportunities to add online programs either as conversions of our current mix of program offerings or by identifying market demand for programs we might consider developing. While we’re engaging with Hanover because we lack the internal expertise, I think knowing what we wanted to accomplish and in what time frame has made the engagement experience fruitful from the beginning.

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– Dr. Paul Haught, Vice President for Academics and Student Life

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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