The Grant Solutions for K-12 support your external funding needs from prospecting private and federal opportunities to program feedback and full proposal development.

We help you answer key questions:

  • How can we secure funding for key initiatives and scaling successful programs?
  • How can my staff author more competitive proposals?
  • How can we improve our current grantseeking strategy?
  • Which grants should we pursue based on current district metrics and relationships?
  • Which grants are our peer districts securing?
  • How can my institution craft grant proposals?

Hanover’s Grants for K-12 Solution

We will customize an approach for you that leverages the expertise of our team and employs a comprehensive, mixed-methods strategy to support your goals.

Grantseeking Capacity

Build grants capacity.

Supports the development of organizational capacity to pursue and manage grant funding through training, strategic assessment, and benchmarking.


Funding Research

Identify funding opportunities.

Identifies and evaluates grant opportunities aligned to district projects and funding needs while facilitating planning through funded project research and forecasting.


Pre-Proposal Support

Secure targeted review and support.

Facilitates the assessment and development of competitive project concepts, helping clients to navigate funder requirements and build relationships prior to completing submissions.

Proposal Review & Support

Enhance your proposal quality.

Supports client-led grant proposal projects by providing review and revision services designed to ensure the strongest possible proposals are submitted.


Proposal Development

Engage full development support.

Leads proposal production projects as primary writer in close coordination with district teams developing iterative narrative drafts over a designed timeline towards a polished submission.


  •  Increase the volume, quality, and success rates of programmatic and research grant applications
  • Grow the overall competency of individuals at your organization to pursue grants
  • Fill gaps in expertise and bandwidth among existing district resources

A Word from One of Our Grants Clients:

To help Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center explore the potential of using regional shared services as a strategy to reduce costs and increase service quality, Hanover examined the structure and outcomes of these shared service arrangements – including relevant survey and operational data, profiles of regional shared service organizations, and examples of ad hoc shared service agreements.

The Shared Service report was a critical source of research used in planning and preparing a grant proposal for a regional shared service model. Regardless of grant funding, the ESC will utilize the information from Hanover in internal capacity building and planning for shared services. The report has been beneficial to the Cuyahoga County ESC in providing information on practices and key factors in developing regional shared service models.

– Jennifer Dodd; Coordinator of Research and Planning, Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center

Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County logo

Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center Uses Research to Enhance Regional Shared Service Model

Whatever your goals, Hanover will partner with you to create a custom approach to support your needs.

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