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Benchmarking & Best Practices

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Unparalleled insight into peer practices to calibrate your own strategies

Best-practices-based decision-making can make the difference between a successful endeavor and a costly mistake.  Our team of researchers helps you set the right course for your organization by providing analyses of key trends, pitfalls to avoid, competitor intelligence, and insight into how best-in-class organizations succeed.

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Best practices and benchmarking capabilities

Competitor Scan

Scans peer organizations and their approach to an issue you care about to produce in-depth intelligence on everything from messaging to services and offerings and more.

Market Scan

Identifies critical factors impacting the attractiveness, challenges, and relative ease of market entry.

Trends Analysis

Uncovers important trends over time in a given sector or market, including multifaceted analysis of regulatory and government trends.

Best Practices

Reveals proven, repeatable techniques through analysis of academic literature, proprietary data sources, and organizational case examples to pinpoint best practices around issues you care about.

Benchmarking Study

Compares your organization’s results to nationwide statistics or relevant peer or public data sets to allow you to calibrate your organization’s performance on key metrics, offerings, and other important attributes.

“The Australian National University is working to ensure it offers the best accommodation to its students. Family housing on campus is not often available in Australia, so we wanted to understand if this is something that is needed, and what value it would provide. Hanover’s research has been very useful for thinking through how we want to define ‘family’, and the amenities and services we should offer. This report will continue to inform the development of our family housing as we implement SA8, our new student housing community that will include 32 family accommodation units on campus, and as we plan for future accommodation on campus.”

Margaret Murphy

Associate Director for University Performance, Australian National University

Proven approaches to drive your strategy- tap into best practices and peer benchmarking

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Augment survey research or data analysis with best practices for implementation.


All research tailored to the unique context of your organization

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