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Data Analysis

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Measure changes, discern trends, and predict outcomes with sophisticated modeling

Many factors go into any organizational decision, but some are more critical to the outcome than others. Our data analysts can help you cut through the noise and identify what data is actionable so you can focus on those critical levers to help you meet your goals.

Our team of quantitative analysts comprises experts in sophisticated data analysis and modeling that will help you gain a competitive advantage, increase efficiency, and improve ROI.

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Data analysis capabilities

Predictive Analytics

Predicts outcomes and forecasts behavior with data modeling or algorithms to reveal which factors influence a particular outcome.

Segmentation and Cluster Analysis

Uncovers key stakeholder profiles by identifying groups that are meaningfully similar across multiple factors including demographic, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics.

Drivers Analysis

Measures and establishes the importance of a series of factors in predicting a specific outcome.

Regression Analysis

Determines which factors or variables drive the strongest impact on the outcome.

Tap into the benefits of data analysis

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Optimize offerings

Understand which attributes are most important to your target stakeholders.

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Anticipate future behavior

Understand future outcomes and target accordingly based on key attributes or behaviors.

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Target the right groups

Identify the stakeholder groups that are most likely to generate a positive ROI.

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Improve ROI

Focus on the most important factors, stakeholder groups, and behaviors in order to maximize outcomes.

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Customer needs are constantly shifting. To keep up, businesses must leverage customer insights to develop and launch the products that customers truly want….

How it works

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You and your Hanover team discuss your project’s goals and we create a detailed research plan, including selecting the appropriate quantitative methodology and approach.

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Our analysts take a deep dive into your data with a thorough review, conduct any data cleaning or coding, and ensure the data is ready for a thorough and accurate analysis.

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Our quantitative analysts conduct descriptive and/or predictive analyses depending on the agreed upon project approach.

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We provide a detailed custom report in the format that is best suited for your intended audience.

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Debrief with your Hanover team to review the project results, discuss key insights, and determine any relevant follow up work needed.

Achieve your goals with actionable data

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