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Market Modeling

Expand Into the Most Attractive Markets

Identify and expand into niche, hard-to-model markets with confidence

Our approach to market modeling will help you evaluate critical market expansion factors including unmet customer needs, market size, industry trends, competitors, and regulatory implications. We specialize in analyzing niche or hard-to-model markets that are extremely difficult to analyze. No matter the size or difficulty of market assessment, our insights will help you focus on the most attractive growth areas, reduce the risk of underperformance, and differentiate from competitors.

Hanover performed a market analysis for Mueller Company that helped them reduce lead time and improve customer service.

Market modeling capabilities

Market Sizing

Models the demand and market size for a product or service so you can make market entry, product development, and/or geographic expansion decisions.

Market Dynamics

Reveals key opportunity factors for market entry or expansion decisions including market drivers and limiters, key customer profiles, and major use cases for the product in the market. 

Competitor Profiles

Uncovers key characteristics of select competitors in a given market and identifies discernible strategies employed by competitors through scan of corporate communications/filings, news, marketing campaigns, and product introductions.

Value Chain Analysis

Unlocks trends, innovations, and key players along the industry value chain to reveal information on shifting dynamics in the value chain and key points in the chain for your organization to influence.

Regulatory Assessment

Identifies key regulatory authorities and agencies for the market of interest, dissects industry standards, and analyzes the potential impact of any relevant rules or regulations on the market.

Tap into the benefits of market modeling

Know where to expand

Select potential markets based on overall market health, size, and right-fit for customers.

Get ahead of the competition

Know your competitors’ messages and moves, and your advantages over them, before you enter the market.

Optimize your presence

Align your offerings with unmet market needs and forecast sales efforts and resources based on market size and projections.

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