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Qualitative Research

Discover Stakeholder Motivations

Examine stakeholder thoughts, feelings, opinions, and perceptions

Sometimes you need more than numbers to make a business decision—you need to understand why customers make the decisions they do. 

Qualitative research is key for capturing the motivations behind behavior that quantitative research methods cannot. Our dedicated team of qualitative researchers will partner with you to ensure you capture the rich customer data you need.

Capture stakeholder motivations with these qualitative research capabilities

Focus Groups

These facilitator-led group discussions reveal perceptions of or reception to a concept or idea. Our online focus groups provide scheduling flexibility and an opportunity to connect similar participants that are geographically diverse. 

In-Depth Interviews

One-on-one conversations between our expert interviewers and stakeholders. Our researchers facilitate the interview with question guides and insightful follow up questions to reveal sentiment, decision-making processes, and unmet needs.

Digital Ethnography

Our ethnographers observe and interact with subjects in their own environment to understand their decision-making process and develop a deep understanding of how they think and behave.

Shop Along

Our specialists join buyers as they begin their online purchase journey to explore how they search for a product, navigate a website, and how the online experience impacts their likelihood to purchase.

Bulletin Board Focus Groups

These moderated, asynchronous, text-based discussions with a select group provide an opportunity to allow respondents to reflect on question prompts before responding.   

Journaling Studies

Online diaries in which participants respond to researcher-provided prompts to explore habits and changes in behavior and perceptions over time.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Studies (IDI, Focus Groups or Journaling)

We apply multiple qualitative research methodologies to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and journaling. Participants can include employees, customers, or other key stakeholders.

Qualitative research clients

Tap into the benefits of qualitative research


Skilled moderators and expert qualitative analysts ensure the accuracy of the results

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Use qualitative research as a follow-up or precursor to quantitative research


End-to-end support from planning to recruitment, facilitation, and analysis


All projects developed specifically for your organization’s unique needs

End-to-end qualitative research support

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Research design and strategy consultation

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Identification and recruitment of optimal participant mix

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Guide Development

Prompts, question guides, and interview question development

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Logistics and coordination including platform set up, A/V components, and incentive structure

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Moderation and facilitation from qualitative research experts


Data debriefing, coding, and comprehensive results reporting

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