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Measure Stakeholder Perceptions

Critical feedback from stakeholders with best-in-class survey capabilities

Surveys provide a critical barometer of stakeholder perceptions on important issues, and it’s important to get them right—survey question wording, respondent pool makeup, and analysis can make the  difference between a statistically sound survey and  one that will give you inaccurate results. Our survey experts partner with you to determine the best survey approach, craft the questions, field the survey, and analyze the findings. As a result, you get a reliable gauge of stakeholder perceptions, monitor opinions and usage, and track changes over time.

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1+ Million Surveys Deployed Annually

Measure stakeholder perceptions with these survey methodologies

Conjoint Analysis

This survey mimics real-life choices by measuring stakeholder preferences and tradeoffs on features, attributes, products, or services to infer preferences.

Segmentation and Cluster Survey Analysis

Survey results are used to cluster or segment the respondents into meaningfully similar groups, based on their responses to questions to identify patterns of behavior or preferences.

TURF/MaxDiff Analysis

A rank choice survey measures the most important aspects of a product or service and helps rank potential new products, services, or attributes.

Survey Benchmarking

Benchmarking surveys allow organizations to compare their survey results with the results of others on an industry-wide or national scale.

Longitudinal Surveys

A single survey administered at fixed points over time allows you to track changes, spot issues, or identify potential opportunities based on a long-term review of the data.

Tap into the benefits of expert survey design

Methodology expertise

Our team of survey methodology experts ensures the survey is designed to generate accurate results.

End-to-end support

We offer complete support throughout the survey process—from design to fielding and analysis.

Expert analysis

Quantitative data analysts are trained in interpreting and analyzing survey data.

Unique stakeholder reach

Ability to survey unique and niche stakeholder groups.

Complete customization

We create each survey specifically for your organization’s needs and can integrate them seamlessly into any other research priority.

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