Academic Program Development

Develop the Academic Programs Students and Employers Demand Most

Launch competitive, in-demand academic programs backed by data-driven programming insights

A strong portfolio of program offerings is key to attracting students and differentiating from peers.

Our solutions help institutions identify the programs that will appeal to the most likely applicants and prepare them for the workforce. Using analysis of market and employer demand, industry benchmarking, and surveys, Hanover helps optimize existing programs and launch new ones strategically.

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1,000+ academic programming projects completed annually

Academic programming insights to identify the right programs to pursue

Academic Portfolio Optimization

Assesses student and labor market demand trends using degree conferral rates and economic forecasting to discover opportunities for programmatic offerings. With further program-specific analyses into your areas of interest, your Hanover team helps you contextualize program viability through market factors like the competitive landscape and job opening trends.

Academic Program Assessment

Examines critical elements of new academic program viability (student demand, labor market demand, and market saturation) to quantify the feasibility of a degree program offering.

Prospective Student Survey

Gauges student interest in academic programs, institutional brand perception, and marketing communication effectiveness to unpack how prospective students view your institution.

Employer Needs Assessment

Uses interviews with employers and industry experts to uncover skill gaps, labor market trends, and employer perceptions of your institution to help shape an academic program portfolio that is in line with employer needs.

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