Enrollment Management

Get a Comprehensive Assessment of Your Entire Enrollment Funnel​

Optimize your enrollment strategy, from targeting applicants to maximizing matriculation rates

Finding and enrolling the right students is more challenging than ever, making each stage of the enrollment journey critical.

Hanover’s Enrollment Management Solutions evaluate the effectiveness of your enrollment initiatives and pinpoint areas for improvement through each stage of the funnel.

Enrollment insights that identify, attract, and matriculate the most promising prospective students

Uses predictive modeling via an Enrollment Funnel Dashboard to analyze demographic and academic data as a means of identifying characteristics and behaviors that are most indicative of progression through the enrollment funnel.

Learn more about Enrollment Funnel Analysis.

Applies historic enrollment data and sociodemographic data to identify potential markets for prospective students while revealing applicant geographic trends via a Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard.

Learn more about Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard.

Leverages a customized Enrollment Choice Survey to discern the factors that influenced the enrollment decision of both matriculating and non-matriculating students.

Learn more about Institutional Preference Survey.

Gathers insights from admitted students to learn about factors influencing their decision to accept or decline enrollment to your institution and understand the most significant drivers of matriculation.

Learn more about Admitted Student Survey.

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