Identify, investigate, and prioritize geographic markets to focus your recruitment efforts on the right locations

Hanover's Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard

An easy-to-use tool providing essential information for your enrollment management and recruitment

Do you know where your most promising potential applicants are located? Hanover’s Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard  provides colleges and universities with the latest data to identify the prospective students who are most likely to enroll, wherever they reside.

Uncover Recruiting Opportunities With Data-Driven Strategies


Get a clear picture of your applicant pool so you find the prospective students who are most likely to enroll.


Allocate recruiting and marketing resources to the right geographic areas.


See where your ideal prospective students are located based on the enrollment criteria that matter the most to you.

Everything You Need to Find Your Ideal Students

A user-friendly dashboard provides instant visualization of results- no data analysis required

View results by varying levels of geographic granularity, including state, county, and MSA

Target by student profile including traditional undergraduate, adult/ online undergraduate, community college transfer, graduate, or create your own student profile

Filter by demographic and socioeconomic variables including urbanicity, race/ethnicity, population trends, household income, and educational attainment

A comprehensive map of geographic target areas based on the variables important to your recruitment strategy

Enable you to compare features enables you to compare and rank new or existing markets based on the variables important to your recruitment strategy

How does it work?

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Explore Potential Markets

Use the always-on interactive Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard to explore general demographic and socioeconomic trends, identify markets with favorable recruitment conditions, and create a list of promising new markets for further investigation.

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Take it a Step Further

Create a Customized Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard

Provide Hanover with three to five years of your historical enrollment funnel data, conversion rates, and recruitment history. Your institution will receive a customized Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard with interactive capabilities to optimize your recruitment strategy based on historical recruitment results and current demographic and socioeconomic trends.

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Customized Data Analysis and In-Depth Reporting

Hanover’s research analysts will provide you with a summary analysis of your key geographic markets and identify your highest potential opportunities for future recruitment efforts.

Customizing to Your Institution

Use the always-on Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard to:

Use the custom Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard to make strategic decisions:

Put the power of our Geomarket Opportunity Dashboard solution to work for you

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