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With an increasing number of applicants competing for fewer grant dollars, every institution is looking for an edge in its grant strategy.

Our solutions provide targeted guidance for your programmatic and research grants work—uncovering new opportunities, supporting institutional funding initiatives, and bolstering faculty development. As a result, you’ll craft the most competitive submissions to secure more funding for your institution.

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Insights to identify, craft, and submit the most competitive proposals

Capacity Development

Supports the development of institutional capacity to pursue and manage grant funding through training, strategic assessment, and benchmarking. Includes grantsmanship workshops, one-on-one guidance, and cohort-based support through Hanover’s Grant Academy.

Funding Research

Explores and evaluates grant opportunities aligned to programs, funding levels, and faculty research needs. Facilitates planning through research on historical and future funding trends, while monitoring which funders your peers are targeting.

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Pre-Proposal Support

Streamlines the assessment and development of competitive project concepts, helping to navigate funder expectations and providing coaching on program officer outreach prior to proposal development.

Proposal Support

Bolsters client-led grant proposal projects through hands-on review and revision services, ensuring that the most competitive proposals are submitted.

Proposal Development

Provides primary writing and project management capabilities, ushering institutional teams from iterative drafts to polished, on-time submissions.

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