Operations & Finance

Run an Efficient, Sustainable Institution

Optimize your investments to maximize your sustainability with data and insights

With tighter funding than ever and students increasingly questioning the value of a degree, institutions are walking a tightrope between financial viability and affordability.

Hanover helps you optimize your tuition and aid models to maximize enrollment and revenue, and ensure effective resource allocation, long-term financial viability, and efficient growth.

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Clients save $30 million annually through Hanover’s recommendations against the launch of low-growth degree programs

Finance insights to run an efficient, financially sustainable, and growth-oriented Institution

Financial Aid Optimization

Helps you configure optimal financial aid packages that maximize matriculation and enrollment at the individual level.

Tuition Optimization Survey

Evaluates tuition and financial aid pricing data and models scenarios to maximize overall tuition revenue.

Tuition and Fees Benchmarking

Evaluates program costs and fee structure options of your institution and peer institutions.

Organizational Benchmarking

Compares the organizational structure, staffing, and services of an institution’s programs compared to peers/competitors.

Featured Insights

Case Studies
Using qualitative research insights from Hanover, Ventura College rebuilt their English as a Second Language (ESL) program to drive enrollment through culturally relevant and…

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