5 Steps for Harnessing Philanthropic Dollars to Promote Financial Stability

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The dynamic nature of U.S. healthcare markets, policies, and players has fundamentally shifted the role of the hospital CFO from financial guru to master prognosticator.

To help hospital CFOs leverage diverse funding streams to bolster hospital infrastructure and promote financial stability, Hanover Research Grants Consultants outlined five key strategies:

  1. Identify and prioritize funding needs;
  2. Evaluate program “fit” for fundraising, grant seeking, or internal investment;
  3. Encourage data sharing and communications across divisions;
  4. Integrate strategic planning for fundraising, grant seeking, and hospital investments; and
  5. Promote ongoing collaboration to recalibrate plans and shift resources.

Learn how fundraising coordination can reinforce a hospital bottom line by reading the full article, published on Becker’s Hospital CFO, here.


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