Allworx Corp Releases Hanover Survey Results to Validate New Product Line

On the heels of this week’s launch of the Allworx Connect VoIP communication systems, Allworx Corp., a Windstream company, released the results of a Hanover survey validating this new product line.

Featured in a press release and infographic, Hanover’s survey of over 400 capital equipment purchase decision makers at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) revealed critical perception and usage trends that illuminate what SMBs want in their business phone systems. Allworx is applying this research when promoting its Connect series: a new offering that meets the market demand from SMBs for a business phone system that blends functionality and flexibility with a simple feature set. States Chris Hasenauer, vice president and general manager of Allworx, “These results tell us that there is a real opportunity to help educate SMBs on how they can optimize their business phone systems to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and do more with less.”

Key findings that Allworx is leveraging to build this business case:

  • The majority of SMBs are behind the technology curve when it comes to their business phone systems, as most are not utilizing widely available advanced phone features;
  • Despite the rise of emails, videos, and social media, voice communication remains extremely critical to the daily business operations of 74% of SMBs; and
  • 86% of SMBs plan to evaluate a new phone system to replace outdated equipment within the next three years.



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