Hanover Presents at Education Research and Development Institute’s Superintendent Leadership Forum

Heather Popielski, Content Director
Blair Milam, Managing Director

Blair Milam, Managing Director, K-12, and Heather Popielski, Content Director co-presented at Education Research and Development Institute’s (ERDI) Superintendent Leadership Forum on Tuesday, July 15th in Indianapolis, Indiana. Delivering the presentation to an audience of superintendents and K-12 leaders, Blair and Heather discussed successful next generation learning strategies, based on Hanover Research’s experience with a range of education clients across the K-12 space.

Highlights of the presentation included discussing the methodology that Hanover executes in order to help support districts implementing Common Core:

Uncovering Successful Next Generation Learning Strategies – ERDI Superintendent Leadership Forum 2014

Uncovering Successful Next Generation Learning Strategies

To help support districts implementing Common Core, Hanover Research’s analysts conducted the following series of steps:

  1. Evaluated the common core implementation landscape – outlining key curriculum shifts and presenting curriculum and instructional development resources of note;
  2. Reviewed professional development needs for teachers, principals, and other district stakeholders;
  3. Assessed the current state of CCSS implementation within California specifically, benchmarking trends in curriculum development and teacher support services present at peer districts;
  4. Provided case study profiles of selected districts nationwide;
  5. Surveyed teachers to gauge district knowledge of, and level of preparation for, implementing CCSS;
  6. Identified teacher preferences in professional development structures and resource availability.

These studies have informed district’s continuous improvement efforts and helped to outline guiding principles for supporting student outcomes. Hanover Research has replicated this methodology across different partners and projects to provide a custom approach to district implementation, while also providing resources for districts to share with parents, teachers, and community stakeholders.

To learn more about the ERDI Superintendent Leadership Forum or about Blair and Heather’s presentation, e-mail info@hanoverresearch.com

About ERDI

ERDI exists to allow educational leaders the opportunity to influence the development, refinement and delivery of the products and services entering the educational setting in the USA so that those products and services can best meet the needs of children. Because the schools and districts that ERDI superintendents lead are important consumers, ERDI gives them a unique opportunity to comment on and shape what goes into the schools they serve. No other venue in this country offers leaders the chance to help create and streamline the products that affect the lives of the learners who will build a new future for our world!


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