HomeAdvisor Leverages Hanover Survey Findings in its 2015 True Cost Report


Hanover client HomeAdvisor – the nation’s #1 free resource for background-checked home service professionals – released its 2015 True Cost Report to provide insight into how cost influences homeowners’ approach to home projects.

The report was developed using data submitted to HomeAdvisor’s website and True Cost Guide, combined with results from a recent survey conducted by Hanover Research among over 350 homeowners involved in home improvement purchasing decisions across the past twelve months.

Hanover found that more than half of home projects in America are left unfinished due to the lack of available information related to home project costs. Subsequently, HomeAdvisor produced the True Cost Report to give homeowners guidance on what they can expect to pay for home projects by:

  • Helping people understand the struggles homeowners face in planning and budgeting for home projects; and
  • Providing cost comparisons and trend data for more than 50 common home projects at the local and national level – developed using data reported by the over 350 homeowners Hanover surveyed.

In addition to a comprehensive report, HomeAdvisor’s new cost breakdown includes an interactive infographic comparing both local and national home project costs.


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