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International Center for Leadership in Education Uses Hanover Findings When Discussing District Cultural Competency


The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) is a network of global educators who share observations, experiences, and research to help advance the nation’s education agenda.

In its most recent paper, Committing to ALL means ALL: Designing a Systemwide Approach in Support of English Learners, the organization provides educators a framework for fully integrating English Learners into the education system by:

  1. Analyzing data to map student characteristics;
  2. Assessing systemwide readiness;
  3. Building systemwide capacity through ongoing professional learning; and
  4. Monitoring progress frequently and purposefully.

Systemwide cultural competence is required to succeed in these steps and ensure sustainable improvement for all students. To reinforce this need, the authors cite Hanover’s finding that school districts are increasingly implementing institutional, strategic approaches to build cultural competence capacity.

Read the Hanover report used as a source in this white paper – Strategies for Building Cultural Competencyhere.

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