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K-12 Leadership Digest – December 2013 Newsletter



K-12 Leadership Digest

2013’s Most Notable Education Stories

Last week, The Atlantic consolidated the most notable education stories of the year to review issues that have dominated the K12 education conversation across 2013. Hanover Research-in collaboration with a number of school districts, service agencies, and departments of education-provided strategic research reports to add to these evolving discussions in the national education landscape.


Common Confusion: 

Introducing the Common Core to Parents

Hanover Research prepared an informational document to help districts teach parents about the implications of the Common Core and provide strategies for how they can best support their children during this curricular transition period. This document equips districts with the ability to dispel parent pushback, curb objections, and answer crucial questions at the onset of these vast changes in academic standards and testing expectations.


Get Wired: 

Technology Integration to Support 21st Century Learning

When implemented properly, technology tools become a seamless part of the learning process. To help districts establish effective technology policies to positively impact student achievement, this report identifies four widely-implemented district technology frameworks and outlines the effects of technology integration on learning outcomes.


True Grit: 

Developing Life Skills in Middle School Students

College enrollment in the United States is increasing, graduation rates remain relatively unchanged, and educators are left questioning what gaps exist in current college readiness curriculum. Integrating “soft skills” into K12 education provides a potential solution to this challenge in post-secondary success. This report presents strategies administrators can employ to merge current teaching with instructional exercises intended to build high order thinking, character development, and creativity in middle school students.

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December 2013

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Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science. From December 9-15th this year, 10 million students will join together to learn an Hour of Code. Bring Computer Science to your district this week!


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