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Sylvan Validates Market Presence and Diversifies Product Portfolio Using Hanover Surveys

  THE PARTNERSHIP In 2011, Sylvan partnered with Hanover Research to centralize the company’s research initiatives and eliminate the annual…continue reading 

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Improves Retention Rates by 5% Using Research Insights

THE CHALLENGE Clarion’s priority is to retain top student talent. To improve retention, Moneta’s institutional research team wanted to understand…continue reading 

Fort Valley State University Assesses its Economic Impact with Hanover Analysis

THE PARTNERSHIP GOAL With Hanover, our institution has the support we need to move our initiatives forward.” -Lisa Wilson, Director of…continue reading 

Northwest ISD Enhances College Readiness Programming through Multi-Phase Research Process

“I appreciate the ability to use Hanover’s literature to gain insight about what other school districts are doing. This research…continue reading 

Lake Washington School District Improves Summer School Programming Using Hanover Survey Insights

Lake Washington’s partnership with Hanover Research has strengthened the credibility of our district’s strategic work.” – Matt Manobianco; Associate Superintendent…continue reading 

Clayton Homes Validates Brand Awareness Increases with Hanover Brand Tracking

THE HANOVER PARTNERSHIP Clayton Homes partnered with Hanover Research in early 2013 to expand the capacity of its Insights Team. The company…continue reading 

Ingham ISD Improves Pre-K Literacy by Using Research when Developing RtI Framework

“Hanover’s report was used to create the conceptual framework for implementing this multi-tiered system… Since implementation, 900 children in 45…continue reading 

Wayfair Monitors Brand Strength with Hanover Surveys

Business Goal With consumers purchasing home décor more frequently online versus in store, Wayfair aims to be the go-to source…continue reading 

Wake Forest School of Law Launches Master’s Program with Hanover’s Research Support

“In the law world, there’s always some apprehension about doing something new or different. Hanover’s surveys helped to confirm our…continue reading 

Targeted Improvement: Building a Thriving University

“As an Institution, we can’t always be the first to do things; but at the same time we can’t be…continue reading 

Iowa City Community Schools Applies Research to Inform Optimal Class Size Discussions

“I am unaware of anyone else doing anything like this. Your turnaround time is always under three weeks. A significant…continue reading 

Chula Vista Elementary School District Reduces Obesity by 3.2% through Research-Driven Wellness Policy

“With Hanover, we had the information to prove this need for wellness, which helped us implement the Healthy Eating Active…continue reading 

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