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The term “flipped classroom” can apply to a wide range of blended instructional methodologies in which students remotely access pre-prepared lecture…continue reading 

Tarrant County College District Redesigns Priority Registration Practices Using Hanover Report

“Based on Hanover Research’s findings, we learned that there are colleges who base registration on military status or create special…continue reading 

Best Practices in Law School Marketing and Recruitment Strategies

Executive Summary Introduction This report discusses some of the key trends related to law school marketing and recruitment strategies (Section…continue reading 

Alternative Non-JD Programming for Law Schools

Introduction Student enrollment in Juris Doctor (JD) degrees has been decreasing in recent years, a trend which does not come…continue reading 

Business School Marketing and Recruitment Strategies

Executive Summary This report provides a detailed understanding of the current state of marketing and recruitment at eight institutions: Boston…continue reading 

University of Michigan Launches New Program Offerings by Considering Hanover Evaluation

“At this point, a study from Hanover Research is becoming the standard for all programs that we’re considering.” — Marty Hershock, Associate…continue reading 


Executive Summary Introduction Innovation has become a key topic of interest in higher education, particularly with respect to innovative academic…continue reading 


Below is an overview of six budget models or budget-related practices utilized in higher education: Incremental Budgeting, Zero-Based Budgeting, Activity-Based…continue reading 


Year-round schooling in the United States has grown remarkably over the past three decades, from a total enrollment of around…continue reading 

Evidence-Based Planning and Budgeting

Introduction “Data-driven decision making” and “evidence-based planning” are popular buzz words in education today, reflecting a growing movement to use…continue reading 

Competitive MBA Programming- Trends and Best Practices

In the following brief, Hanover Research explores what makes MBA programs successful, reviewing relevant literature on current trends in MBA…continue reading 

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203 Insights Blog Posts

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