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Best Practices in Monitoring Attendance and Engagement Across Environments

Monitoring and supporting student attendance and engagement presented key challenges to districts as schools closed in spring 2020 due to…continue reading 

COVID-19 Situation Report

To understand the economic, political, and public health trajectories of the COVID-19 crisis, Hanover updates its COVID-19 Situation Report on…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: The State of Individual Giving & What’s Next

How has COVID-19 impacted institutions’ giving programs—and how will this affect long-term individual giving? To answer these questions, Hanover presents…continue reading 

Product Development Reduces Risk and Increases ROI: An Assessment of COVID-19 Impact

Businesses are more risk averse than ever—in fact, over 2 in 5 organizations have launched product development-related activities as a…continue reading 

Academic Equity Workbook

Achieving equal outcomes for all students and implementing equitable practices are complex problems district leaders face, which are impacted by…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: Developing Teams for Collaborative Proposals

For PIs ready to tackle large multidisciplinary grants with collaborators, assembling and engaging the right team members is a vital…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: Getting Product Development Right in the COVID-19 Era

The significant impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, manufacturing, and production, along with risk avoidance, has caused many US…continue reading 

COVID-19 Business Response Snapshot

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, organizations are striving to stay up-to-date on how other U.S. businesses are responding…continue reading 

The State of Brand Measurement

Now more than ever, it’s critical for organizations to clearly define and aggressively differentiate their unique value proposition, as well…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: Keys to a Competitive TRIO Talent Search

Offered through the U.S. Department of Education’s TRIO programs, Talent Search (TS) provides academic, career, and financial counseling to participants…continue reading 

Anti-Racism Discussion Guide

It is imperative for districts and school leaders to cultivate anti-racist school systems that embrace diversity and advance equity. Nationwide…continue reading 

How to Succeed in Distance Learning: 5 Tips for Families

Families face the monumental challenge of facilitating children’s learning in a remote environment. To aid families as they support their…continue reading 

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